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Finding it’s origins in Central Florida, The Misanthropic Syndicate was initially bestowed upon your universe in 2017 as the festering, therapeutic brain-child of Markky Karloff. The Misanthropic Syndicate sets out to serve as an ultimate home, outlet and/or release for all things bizarre, disquieting and interesting that lurk inside the unusual minds of it’s respective art mothers.


The Misanthropic Syndicate specializes in the following specific categories of bizarre media creation, distribution and/or consumption:

Music | Cinema & Film | Graphic Art | Comic Books | Toys | Video Games | Haunted Attractions | Web Design | Event Promotion | Board Games | Special FX & Props | Masks | Cognitive Punishment | More?

The Prople (Insomnia 2).png
Short Shorts.png
GYROJETS (classic).png
West Brooks.png
Misanthropic Emblem (Retro).png
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