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Tampa, FL

The world's premiere realistic music band.

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Sam Higgins


Richard Glenn Schmidt


Markky Karloff


Disturbed by the lack of reality in the Tampa music scene, Sam and Richard formed GYROJETS to inject their own brand of realistic music -a genre once thought played out by the arm-folding dancers of Hillsborough County- into a world that needed to be told "You're Never Nothing". In only a few short months, GYROJETS became Tampa's premiere realistic music band, landing several historic gigs at Pegasus Lounge's first location. After several years of being told that they needed a bass player by passive-aggressive punks at (now defunct) bars, GYROJETS added their most realistic member to their roster, Markky Karloff. Karloff, who was there the night a ska band stole GYROJETS’ 2am slot on the bill at Insomniacs, maintains the DNA of a cat-snake stored in a secure location. To this day, GYROJETS are committed to making sure that the ghost pizzas are hot and the broplexxes are cold.

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