• Markky Karloff


Updated: Jan 9, 2021

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Why are the streets so empty? Why isn’t there anyone at the Internet cafe? Where have all the boogie-boarders gone? Where the heck is everybody!? If they’re anything like Richard Glenn Schmidt, they’re lost in a movie marathon! Most people just watch one movie and then go back to binging 14 episodes of their favorite show in one sitting. Richard wants to keep watching movie after movie until he can’t see straight and is cackling loudly enough for the neighbors to complain. He’s dragged his poor wife, their cats, and the only friends they have left through the films of Paul Naschy, Stephen Chow, Lucio Fulci, Elvis Presley, and many, many more. Jealous? Good news, it’s your turned to get Doomed!

DOOMED MOVIETHON, as well as it's several delicious predecessors authored by Richard Glenn Schmidt, are available for purchase and consumption in both paperback and Kindle form on Amazon.

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