• Markky Karloff

New NELSES MONTH Album Coming 2021?

BEHOLD: If the vague groans of the crustacean feline drum master himself are to be believed, the first Nelses Month release since 2013's Jumbo Shrimp remaster may very well be upon us...

In a recent conversation with Misanthropic News Channel X, Nelses Month offered some very interesting implications to his curious and thirsty fan-base...

NCX: Bruh. Let me release Jumbo Shrimp on here.
NM: I dunno. I don't like Jumbo Shrimp anymore. It's weird af
NCX: What about a single of Alpha Male?
NM: Ugh! How about a remastered group of songs that isn't Jumbo Shrimp? But some of those songs. And I just call it "Bruh." I wish I still had the original files. Actually I might.

Bruh. You heard it hear first. What do you make of these ominous suggestions from the reigning president of Hawaiian Man Records? Sound off in the comments!

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